Block Captain Meeting 2016 Summary

Submitted by Nora Nicosia

BC members present
Eileen Nugent, Cindy Carlin, Kris Ellenberg, Jennifer Manoogian, Erica Murray, Mark Walker, Patty Schnegg, Mary-Dorothy Line, Marilee Karlsen, Beverly Pazuk, Richard Lysle, Lauri Chryss, Clarissa Cervantes, Angela Durant

Invited guests
Fred Karlsen: Richard Cervantes, Bill Boyd, Al Mohajerian, Michelle Kessler, Claudia Lichtig

We are just great!……….In a little over 2 hours we had a meet and greet and then a fun productive meeting planning the social activities of the Silver Strand for 2016. Thanks again to Jennifer for hosting you are the mostest!!!!!

After my introduction reminding members that working for the greater good had been scientifically shown that it makes individuals happier and healthier and looking younger every year, we went on to our prepared agenda.

The first speaker was our wonderful president Fred Karlsen who summarized his remarks below.

Here is what I discussed:

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History of the Silver Strand

The Silver Strand is an area south of Washington Boulevard lying between the Ballona Lagoon and Via Marina and terminating at the Main Channel leading from Marina del Rey Harbor to the Pacific Ocean. It has been part of Venice since 1905 when the area south of Washington was surveyed and platted. It was called the Silver Strand-Del Rey Tract. The Del Rey Tract also included what we now call the Venice Peninsula on the western side of the Ballona Lagoon. In 1904, Kinney incorporated his holdings in Venice as the City of Ocean Park (not to be confused with Ocean Park in Santa Monica). In 1911 he renamed his Read More »