Block Captain Meeting 2016 Summary

Submitted by Nora Nicosia

BC members present
Eileen Nugent, Cindy Carlin, Kris Ellenberg, Jennifer Manoogian, Erica Murray, Mark Walker, Patty Schnegg, Mary-Dorothy Line, Marilee Karlsen, Beverly Pazuk, Richard Lysle, Lauri Chryss, Clarissa Cervantes, Angela Durant

Invited guests
Fred Karlsen: Richard Cervantes, Bill Boyd, Al Mohajerian, Michelle Kessler, Claudia Lichtig

We are just great!……….In a little over 2 hours we had a meet and greet and then a fun productive meeting planning the social activities of the Silver Strand for 2016. Thanks again to Jennifer for hosting you are the mostest!!!!!

After my introduction reminding members that working for the greater good had been scientifically shown that it makes individuals happier and healthier and looking younger every year, we went on to our prepared agenda.

The first speaker was our wonderful president Fred Karlsen who summarized his remarks below.

Here is what I discussed:

The Board as the head of our community; block captains as its heart.
The Annual Party is scheduled for September 10, 2016. It will again be sponsored by the Peter and Ty Berman families. Each year, the Bergmans provide a still better party. This year should be the best.

Many of our residents have experienced problems with parking enforcement in the courts. Vendors, even with commercial plates, have gotten parking tickets. We have been discussing the issue with council person Mike Bonin’s office. Representatives from Mike’s office, Chuy Orozco and Taylor Bazley, attended the meeting. Taylor Bazley is Mike’s new area representative to our neighborhood. Taylor explained that Relaxed Parking Enforcement (RPA) is available with at least a day’s notice to him by email. Residents can send an email to Taylor – – requesting RPA, and explaining the need, whether it is contractor working or other need. Taylor will pass the request on to parking enforcement. If after these efforts, a vehicle is cited, the homeowner should pay the fine and then request a refund from Taylor. Other solutions are also being looked at.

The Coastal Commission has refused our request for permit parking in the neighborhood, given the limited number of parking spaces available for beach-goers.

Richard Cervantes on EP
Richard Cervantes, Bill Boyd and Erica Murray provided an update on the development of the written EP Plan, the use of Walkie Talkies and other EP ativities.

– Walkie Talkie testing was set for April 4th and BCs were sent an email with instructions. This was not totally successful. Richard plans another testing soon.
– Richard emailed 5 page form for SS EP which he suggested you try to have 5 more families complete on your mall.
– He announced the EP Homeowners Meeting on April 9th at 135 Ketch Mall at 10-11 AM. This event was cancelled with no “blog” hard to publicize.

Bill Boyd wanted to remind homeowners of the need to have water provisions of 1 gallon/person/day. That does not include pets.  Bill also passed out a brochure for a 42 gallon water tank that will protect a family of 4 for 10 days.  The cost of the tank is approximately $100.

Al Mohajerian, one of our Board members, sent the following summary:
– I have taken the lead to plan and organize quarterly events for our kids in the community. Tentatively, the first 2016 Kids Event will take place on April 30th 2016. Standby for more details coming your way. If you have any thoughts and suggestions for the events, you can contact me directly. Cell 310 755-1172, email This event was cancelled due to unrealistic goals.
– Al also sent an attachment to all BCs, by email, of Kids List 2015.
– Another attachment by email of flyer for you BCs to distribute to parents on your Block giving him information on the children, their ages and any ideas from parents. When filled out these flyers are to go into Al’s letterbox at 135 Privateer Mall and you can add their info to Kids List 2015.

Cindy Carlin on Mall Parties
The Mall Captains are in agreement to plan the Mall Parties again this year. The first one will be Sunday, May 1st at noon on Ketch Mall in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. It will be hosted by Ketch, Lighthouse and adjacent Roma Court homeowners. We hope people from all the malls join the fun.

The next one planned so far will celebrate Bastille Day and will be hosted by Mast and Northstar. The date and time has not yet been set. I will keep you posted as more parties are planned.

Cindy on Biking Event
The first one was cancelled due to rain.

Marilee Karlsen on Art Tours
First planned tour is of the Santa Fe Art Colony on April 16th.
Leaving the Silver Strand at 9:45. Cost $15 paid in cash to Marilee. No host lunch at Trattoria 25 in Santa Fe Plaza. Sorry Tour is filled by 25 sign-ups.

Nora on Film Club
The Film Club that I started last year is doing well. However we are somewhat oversubscribed and the membership is closed at 18. If we have others interested, it would be easy to start a SS Filmclub 2.

Nora on new Couples Dinner Club Explained
I organized a couples dinner club with my friends that lasted for 20
Years of fun and good recipes. Ours was unique because one couple hosted, did the menu & shopped. We started the evening with drinks and appetizers. The hosts Xeroxed the menu (that’s how long ago it started) and someone said “I’ll make that” and someone else said “I’ll help you.” We spent the evening having fun just cooking and eating. My husband who never cooked eventually became a sous chef or made dessert.

I shared this idea with Michelle Kessler and Claudia Lichtig and they loved it. They spoke about it briefly at the beginning of our meeting and this is Claudia’s report.

  • We discussed the idea of a Progressive dinner where each participant prepares either a salad, entre or dessert and the group goes from house to house which is very neighborly and allows everyone to take part.
  • We also discussed having one or two couples do the cooking and sharing the recipes with the group, as well as having a different theme each time we meet i.e.Italian, Mexican, French etc.
  • We think that because everyone has a different sized kitchen and house, it would be wise to cap it at 5.

Three CDs immediately said they would like to join with their spouses: Cindy Carlin, Jennifer Manoogian and Mark Walker and so that Dinner Club is now closed.

So it was a fun, productive evening.  My only regret is that we have not organized an “Angies” type list for our community……..Maybe next year.

Again Thanks to everyone who participated and it will make 2016,  in the Silver Strand,  a greater community to live in.


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