Silver Strand Art Group Invitation

Silver Strand Art Group Invites You to the Hammer Art Museum
Saturday, July 9, 2016
Exhibit:  Made in L.A. 2016

The Hammer’s exhibition highlights 25 artists working throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. One of the twenty-five artists is Kelly Akashi, daughter of Penny Akashi. Kelly grew up in our own Silver Strand.

Cost: $5 per person for our guided tour.
To secure your reservation, please deliver CA$H to Marilee at 131 Quarterdeck

Parking: $3 with a validation from the museum.

No Host Lunch: We will have a table be reserved for us at the outdoor cafe at the Museum.

We will leave the Silver Strand at 10:15 am.

Please RSVP by June 27
and let us know if you can drive and if you are planning to have lunch with our group.

We look forward to seeing you in July.
The Art Group Co-Chairs Angela, Clarissa, Nora, Marilee 
For questions, please email Marilee at


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