Cultural Tips #2 – Art

Submitted by Nora Nicosia

I want to introduce you to one of our local great art galleries – L.A. Louver, which is at 45 North Venice Blvd. (heading west, on north side of street). They are showing the latest David Hockney paintings called “The Yosemite Suite.” Exhibit continues until October 1st. There is also a fine contemporary artist, Heather Gwen Martin, showing on the second floor. If you park at the structure directly across the street, they will validate. Let them know you are visiting the gallery and your parking is free. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10-6. Website is

If you walk west to 17 North Venice Blvd. you will find another gallery called Shulamit Nazarian. The current exhibit is called Phantom Limb and it ends September 9th. The gallery works with local and international artists of diverse backgrounds, so maybe you will be able to see the next exhibit. They will also validate parking in the same structure. Website is

I am not giving you my critique of the art as it is always in the eye of the viewer and how it impacts you.


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