Block Captain Meeting Remarks

Block Captain Meeting – March 21, 2017

Submitted by Nora Nicosia

On March 21st we held our yearly Block Captain (BC) Meeting at the home of the hostess with the mostest….Jennifer Manoogian.

There was a table full of wine, water, appetizers and desserts for our social half hour….some contributions of BCs, many of Jennifer’s.

This is the agenda and remarks:

Welcome from Nora stating that due to poor health, she was glad to be able to absorb the oxytocin boost from being with all her friends.

Fred Karlsen, President of the HOA, thanked the BCs for their dedicated service to the community. Among other things, the BCs serve to inform the community about actions of the Board of Directors.

Richard Cervantes distributed new Emergency Preparedness updates and explained how to use them. He said that the walkie talkies in the last test were not that useful and he did not want to purchase others for the new BCs. He further explained that in a real emergency members of the EP committee, as well as any BCs, would meet at Quarterdeck and Roma for any further action.

Jennifer talked about the Big Block Party. It will again be hosted by Bergman Beach Properties. There is no specific date set, but the theme will be Americana….hamburgers and hot dogs. There will be a puppet show for the kids, music….etc.

Sandy Gooch Lederman said there would be a new spring floral planting as well as tree trimming.

Marilee Karlsen talked about the Silver Strand Art Group, which has been going strong for about 5 years. We have tours to different art museums and galleries. The last tour was on Saturday, April 15 to the Hauser & Wirth Gallery in downtown LA. Everyone in our Silver Strand community is invited to go on these tours. Our chairpersons are Angela Durrant, Clarissa Cervantes, Marilee Karlsen and Nora Nicosia.

Nora, on behalf of Cindy Carlin since she is out of town, asked Block Captains what dates they have chosen for their Mall Pot Luck Parties.

* We know that Ketch, Lighthouse and the first street of Roma Ct always have a party for Cinco De Mayo, which will be held on May 7th this year at 4 pm on Lighthouse Mall. All in the community are welcome.
* Mast, Northstar and perhaps Outrigger….Jennifer says that no date has been chosen.
* Quarterdeck, Reef and perhaps Privateer….Marilee said that no date has been chosen.
* Spinnaker and Topsail….Clarissa said that the other BCs have not been interested or responded….She would like to use the first week in June….Linda was out of town and perhaps Clarissa, Linda and I can arrange it.

Nora’s New Ideas:
The most exciting of these is developing a new group for SS Kids called the Kids Adventure Club. From the lists given to us by Eric Beane and some of the BCs….we have many kids in the SS from ages 1 to 12. I have 4 volunteers to lead this group. Lisa Amster and Jessica Lehman will work with the younger children and Elise Beane and Haleh Shapiro, a new BC, will work with the older kids and Haleh agreed to chair the group. We had a meeting arranged before this meeting and then had to cancel as I was not well. The BCs were excited about this new idea. I named a number of different venues and they added some too.

I also heard that some Silver Strand residents wanted to start a book club. Since no one wanted to chair, I said that when I felt better I will invite (through the BCs and blog) SS residents to my home to start it, as I did with the Film Club.

One of the members suggested we do an indoor pot luck during the winter but that idea was not accepted.

I thanked everyone for coming and participating. Meeting ended early and BCs stayed around the “feed table” for some time both eating and socializing. These meeting are always short and fun.


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